Enhancing the Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with a Gold Nanoflowers Box.

Research paper by Lu L Zhang, Zhong-Sheng ZS Wang

Indexed on: 12 Oct '16Published on: 12 Oct '16Published in: Chemistry - An Asian Journal


To improve the electron collection, electron lifetime and light harvesting efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells simultaneously, Au nanoflowers are prepared and used to wrap around the whole TiO2 film. Deposition of Au nanoflowers around the TiO2 film forms a light scattering box covering the whole TiO2 film. As compared to the top light scattering layer just covering the top surface of TiO2, the Au nanoflowers box exhibits better light harvesting efficiency, due to the omnidirectional light scattering, faster electron transport, attributed to the formation of electron channel between metallic Au nanoflowers and the electron collection electrode, and slower charge recombination. As a consequence, both short-circuit photocurrent and open-circuit photovoltage are enhanced significantly, causing power conversion efficiency improved from 8.12% to 10.91% by 34% when an Au nanoflowers box is covered around the photoanode.