Enhancing e-learning systems with personalized recommendation based on collaborative tagging techniques

Research paper by Aleksandra Klašnja-Milićević, Mirjana Ivanović; Boban Vesin; Zoran Budimac

Indexed on: 09 Jun '18Published on: 01 Jun '18Published in: Applied Intelligence


Personalization of the e-learning systems according to the learner’s needs and knowledge level presents the key element in a learning process. E-learning systems with personalized recommendations should adapt the learning experience according to the goals of the individual learner. Aiming to facilitate personalization of a learning content, various kinds of techniques can be applied. Collaborative and social tagging techniques could be useful for enhancing recommendation of learning resources. In this paper, we analyze the suitability of different techniques for applying tag-based recommendations in e-learning environments. The most appropriate model ranking, based on tensor factorization technique, has been modified to gain the most efficient recommendation results. We propose reducing tag space with clustering technique based on learning style model, in order to improve execution time and decrease memory requirements, while preserving the quality of the recommendations. Such reduced model for providing tag-based recommendations has been used and evaluated in a programming tutoring system.