Enhancement ofTc (∼ 103 K) in calcium-free Tl2Ba2CuOx (2201) compound

Research paper by K K Saini, C P Sharma, S N Ekbote, Pavas Asthana, D K Suri, Kant Chander, S A Agnihotry, Subhas Chandra

Indexed on: 01 Apr '91Published on: 01 Apr '91Published in: Bulletin of Materials Science


EnhancedTc in calcium-free Tl compounds of the series TlmBa2Can−1CunOx (2201) has been reported. Three different starting compositions (2201, 1201 and 2202) were studied extensively with varying conditions of preparation. Under optimized conditions (sintering temperature 970°C and duration 3–10 min) the highestTc(onset) ranges from 103 K to ∼ 115 K andTc (zero) ∼ 95 K was found. XRD studies showed the transformation of all the three nominal compositions into 2201 phase with differentTcs.