Enhanced thermal stability and spin-lattice relaxation rate of N@C60 inside carbon nanotubes

Research paper by S. Toth, D. Quintavalle, B. Nafradi, L. Korecz, L. Forro, F. Simon

Indexed on: 30 Jan '08Published on: 30 Jan '08Published in: Physics - Materials Science


We studied the temperature stability of the endohedral fullerene molecule, N@C60, inside single-wall carbon nanotubes using electron spin resonance spectroscopy. We found that the nitrogen escapes at higher temperatures in the encapsulated material as compared to its pristine, crystalline form. The temperature dependent spin-lattice relaxation time, T_1, of the encapsulated molecule is significantly shorter than that of the crystalline material, which is explained by the interaction of the nitrogen spin with the conduction electrons of the nanotubes.