Enhanced stability of Zr-doped Ba(CeTb)O(3-δ)-Ni cermet membrane for hydrogen separation.

Research paper by Yanying Y Wei, Jian J Xue, Wei W Fang, Yan Y Chen, Haihui H Wang, Jürgen J Caro

Indexed on: 23 Jun '15Published on: 23 Jun '15Published in: Chemical Communications


A mixed protonic and electronic conductor material BaCe(0.85)Tb(0.05)Zr(0.1)O(3-δ) (BCTZ) is prepared and a Ni-BCTZ cermet membrane is synthesized for hydrogen separation. Stable hydrogen permeation fluxes can be obtained for over 100 h through the Ni-BCTZ membrane in both dry and humid conditions, which exhibits an excellent stability compared with Ni-BaCe(0.95)Tb(0.05)O(3-δ) membrane due to the Zr doping.