Enhanced resolution in Argon and Neon spectra using a Super-Resolution algorithm

Research paper by L. M. Hoyos-Campo, A. M. Juarez, A. Capella

Indexed on: 19 Feb '16Published on: 19 Feb '16Published in: Physics - Plasma Physics


This paper presents the principles and application of a super-resolution (SR) technique, based on a L1-Norm minimization procedure. In particular, the technique is applied to improve low-resolution resolution spectra as obtained from the optogalvanic effect in Neon and Argon discharges over the 413-423 nm wavelength range. By applying the super-resolution algorithm to the experimental data, a surprising 70-fold reduction of the linewidth is achieved allowing to resolve prior indistinguishable peaks. It is found that further improvements on the resolution are limited by the signal to noise ratio of the original spectra. The importance of a suitable mathematical representation of the experiment and the discussion on other applications of this super-resolution technique in spectroscopy are also presented.