Enhanced immune responses of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine using new oil/gel adjuvant mixtures in pigs and goats.

Research paper by Min-Eun ME Park, Seo-Yong SY Lee, Rae-Hyung RH Kim, Mi-Kyeong MK Ko, Kwang-Nyeong KN Lee, Su-Mi SM Kim, Byoung-Kwan BK Kim, Jong-Soo JS Lee, Byounghan B Kim, Jong-Hyeon JH Park

Indexed on: 30 Jul '14Published on: 30 Jul '14Published in: Vaccine


The immunity and protective capability produced by vaccines can vary remarkably according to the kinds of adjuvants being used. In the case of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) vaccines in pigs, only oil-adjuvant vaccines have been used, and these tend to show lower immunity in pigs than in cattle. New adjuvants for these vaccines are therefore needed. We made different experimental FMD vaccines using new adjuvants (ISA 201, Carbigen, Emulsigen-D) and well-known adjuvants (ISA 206, aluminum hydroxide gel) and then conducted tests to compare the enhancement in pig immunity. More effective immune responses and protection against challenge were observed with the new adjuvants Emulsigen-D and ISA 201 compared to existing adjuvants. In the case of dairy goats, a mixture of Emulsigen-D and aluminum hydroxide gel produced rapid neutralizing antibody responses that were similar to results from tests conducted with pigs.