Energy-Efficient Mobile Data Uploading from High-Speed Trains

Research paper by Xiaoqiang Ma, Jiangchuan Liu, Hongbo Jiang

Indexed on: 10 Mar '11Published on: 10 Mar '11Published in: Mobile Networks and Applications


Recent decades have witnessed the fast development of high-speed railway systems in many countries, which have significantly shortened the travel time between distant cities. Accompanied with this convenience is the challenge for cell phone vendors to provide broadband Internet access for passengers, particularly considering the fast changing channel conditions in high-speed trains and the limited battery of cell phones, which often cannot be re-charged in trains. In this paper, inspired by the unique spatial-temporal characteristics of wireless signals along high-speed railways, we propose a novel energy-efficient scheduling approach for uploading data from cell phones, both with soft deadlines (e.g., documents) and hard deadlines (e.g., video streaming). Our solution effectively predicts the signal strength through its spatial-temporal periodicity in this new application scenario, and smartly adjusts the transmission rate to maximize the overall data transmission rate and yet conserves the energy consumption. Performance evaluation based on realistic railway scenarios and H.264 video traces demonstrate the effectiveness of our solution and its superiority as compared to the existing solutions.