Energy efficient mining on a quantum-enabled blockchain using light

Research paper by Adam J Bennet, Shakib Daryanoosh

Indexed on: 25 Feb '19Published on: 25 Feb '19Published in: arXiv - Quantum Physics


We outline a quantum-enabled blockchain architecture based on a consortium of quantum servers. The network is hybridised, utilising digital systems for sharing and processing classical information combined with a fiber-optic infrastructure and quantum devices for transmitting and processing quantum information. We deliver an energy efficient interactive mining protocol enacted between clients and servers which uses quantum information encoded in light and removes the need for trust in network infrastructure. Instead, clients on the network need only trust the transparent network code, and that their devices adhere to the rules of quantum physics and special relativity. To demonstrate the energy efficiency of the mining protocol, we deliver the results of two proof-in-principle experiments (one performed over 1km of optical fibre). Finally, we address some key vulnerabilities, explore open questions, and observe forward-compatibility with the quantum internet and quantum computing technologies.