Energy-efficient Area Coverage by Sensors with Adjustable Ranges.

Research paper by Vyacheslav V Zalyubovskiy, Adil A Erzin, Sergey S Astrakov, Hyunseung H Choo

Indexed on: 01 Jan '09Published on: 01 Jan '09Published in: Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)


In wireless sensor networks, density control is an important technique for prolonging a network's lifetime. To reduce the overall energy consumption, it is desirable to minimize the overlapping sensing area of the sensor nodes. In this paper, we study the problem of energy-efficient area coverage by the regular placement of sensors with adjustable sensing and communication ranges. We suggest a more accurate method to estimate efficiency than those currently used for coverage by sensors with adjustable ranges, and propose new density control models that considerably improve coverage using sensors with two sensing ranges. Calculations and extensive simulation show that the new models outperform existing ones in terms of various performance metrics.