Enantiomeric separation of local anaesthetic drug by HPLC on chiral stationary phases

Research paper by C. Rustichelli, V. Ferioli, G. Gamberini, R. Stancanelli

Indexed on: 01 Dec '01Published on: 01 Dec '01Published in: Chromatographia


High-performance liquid chromatographic methods on chiral stationary phases have been developed for the stereoselective separations of the enantiomers of articaine hydrochloride and its metabolite articainic acid.Complete separations of articaine enantiomers have been achieved on a Chiralcel OD analytical column using mobile phases containing n-hexane and 2-propanol, while articainic acid enantiomers were resolved with n-hexane and ethanol.Good results were also obtained on a Chirobiotic V analytical column with 5% acetonitrile in triethylammonium acetate solution (7 mM; pH 6.5); the column showed good chemioselectivity and stereoselectivity, allowing simultaneous separation of both the enantiomeric pairs of articaine and articainic acid.