Enabling technologies for yeast proteome analysis.

Research paper by Johanna J Rees, Kathryn K Lilley

Indexed on: 25 Aug '11Published on: 25 Aug '11Published in: Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)


Whilst the study of yeast genomes and transcriptomes is in an advanced state, there is still much to learn about the resulting proteins in terms of cataloging, characterization of post-translational modifications, turnover, and the dynamics of sub-cellular localization and interactions. Analysis of the transcripts gives little insight into function or diversity as changes in RNA levels do not always correlate with the resulting protein abundance. A number of global and targeted attempts have been made to catalog and characterize the yeast proteome and we describe here the methods used to gain a greater understanding of the yeast proteome. This comprehensive review also describes future approaches that will aid completion in identifying and characterizing the remaining 20% of the undetermined yeast proteome as well as giving new insight into protein dynamics.