Emollients: application of topical treatments to the skin.

Research paper by Gail G Dunning

Indexed on: 13 Dec '07Published on: 13 Dec '07Published in: British journal of nursing (Mark Allen Publishing)


Nurses working in various clinical settings can make a real difference to the clinical effectiveness of topical applications to the skin by increasing their knowledge of the choice and mechanisms involved. This is particularly the case for nurses who are non-medical prescribers when considering first-line therapies for patients with eczema. It is important for all nurses to acknowledge that topical treatments, however simple, are a form of drug therapy and must be given the same considerations for their specific actions whether you are prescribing, applying or reviewing their effect. Emollients have an as important part to play in the treatment of all dry skin conditions. This article focuses on increasing the reader's knowledge of the application of topical emollient therapy, as well as highlighting some practical tips to consider.