Elliptic Flow and Initial Eccentricity in Cu+Cu and Au+Au Collisions at RHIC

Research paper by Rachid Nouicer, for the PHOBOS collaboration

Indexed on: 24 Jan '07Published on: 24 Jan '07Published in: Nuclear Experiment


We present a systematic study of elliptic flow as a function of centrality, pseudorapidity, transverse momentum and energy for Cu+Cu and Au+Au collisions from the PHOBOS experiment. New data on elliptic flow in Cu+Cu collisions at 22.4 GeV are shown. Elliptic flow scaled by participant eccentricity is found to be similar for both systems when collisions with the same number of participants or the same average area density are compared. This similarity is observed over a wide range in pseudorapidity and transverse momentum, indicating that participant eccentricity is the relevant quantity for generating the azimuthal asymmetry leading to the observed elliptic flow.