Elie Cartan's geometrical vision or how to avoid expression swell

Research paper by S. Neut, M. Petitot, R. Dridi

Indexed on: 09 Aug '07Published on: 09 Aug '07Published in: Mathematics - Differential Geometry


The aim of the paper is to demonstrate the superiority of Cartan's method over direct methods based on differential elimination for handling otherwise intractable equivalence problems. In this sens, using our implementation of Cartan's method, we establish two new equivalence results. Weestablish when a system of second order ODE's is equivalent to flat system (second derivations are zero), and when a system of holomorphic PDE's with two independent variables and one dependent variables is flat. We consider the problem of finding transformation that brings a given equation to the target one. We shall see that this problem becomes algebraic when the symmetry pseudogroup of the target equation is zerodimensional. We avoid the swelling of the expressions, by using non-commutative derivations adapted to the problem.