Electroweak-Higgs Unification and the Higgs Boson Mass

Research paper by A. Aranda, J. L. Diaz-Cruz, A. Rosado

Indexed on: 10 Oct '06Published on: 10 Oct '06Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


We propose an alternative unification scenario where the Higgs self-coupling (lambda) is unified with the electroweak SU(2)L x U(1)Y interactions at an intermediate scale MGH, lower than the GUT scale. In this model the SM remains valid up to this scale MGH, where the gauge and Higgs couplings satisfy the unification condition g1 = g2 = f(lambda). Two variants for this unification condition are discussed; scenario I is defined through the linear relation: g1 = g2 = k lambda(MGH), while scenario II assumes a quadratic relation: g1**2 = g2**2 = k lambda(MGH). An attractive feature of this class of models is the possibility to determine the SM Higgs boson mass by evolving lambda back from MGH down to the electroweak scale; fixing k = O(1) we obtain a Higgs mass value mH approx. 200 GeV. Above MGH, the single coupling gH that describes the electroweak-Higgs interactions, keeps evolving until it unifies with the strong coupling constant. We discuss a realization o this unification scenario within the context of a six-dimensional SU(3)c x SU(3)w Gauge-Higgs unified model.