Electron transfer from cytochrome f to photosystem I in green algae.

Research paper by R R Delosme

Indexed on: 01 Jul '91Published on: 01 Jul '91Published in: Photosynthesis Research


The time course of P700(+) reduction and cytochrome f oxidation following a single-turnover flash excitation of photosystem I was measured under various conditions in different strains of green algae. P700(+) was reduced with a half-time of 4 μs. The rate of cytochrome f oxidation was found to depend widely on physiological factors. Reversible transitions are described from a 'slow-oxidation' state (t 1/2=500 μs) to a 'fast-oxidation' state (t 1/2=80 μs). The addition of ionophore strongly favours and stabilizes the 'fast-oxidation' state. We suggest that these transitions reflect either reversible association between the cytochrome bf complex and the reaction center of photosystem I or changes in the mobility of oxidized plastocyanin. The transitions might be under the control of the membrane potential or the intracellular ATP content. The relation of these reversible transitions with the 'light state' transitions, and their possible involvement in a switch from linear to cyclic electron transfer, are discussed.