Electron microscopic study on the initiatory cell-activation of procambium at commencement of germination in radish cotyledons

Research paper by Yoshio Yoshida, Teruhiro Yamasato, Taiji Ikeda

Indexed on: 01 Dec '73Published on: 01 Dec '73Published in: Journal of Plant Research


Most fine structural studies of seed germination have been begun at 24 hr after imbibition of water and lasted for several days. However, studies on the initial period beginning with water uptake are few. In the present study, fine structural changes in radish seed cotyledonal tissues which occur within the first 24 hr of germination were investigated.Remarkable morphological and developmental changes of the cell organelles were profound in procambial cells in a matter of hours, while no cytological changes were noticed yet in mesophyll (storage tissue) cells. The endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi bodies were somewhat proliferated, a rapid development even, of proplastids occurred, and the increment of mitochondria in numbers and profiles were particularly noteworthy.From these observations, it was interpreted that, although the procambium accounts for only a small portion of the cotyledons, the initiatory activation of procambial cells, being sensitive to the starting of water uptake, might provide certain facility for leading the activation of the more lethargic storage tissue in the beginning of germination process.