Electron irradiation of ion-implanted n-type Si-SiO2 structures studied by deep-level transient spectroscopy

Research paper by S. Kaschieva, K.G. Stefanov, D. Karpuzov

Indexed on: 01 May '98Published on: 01 May '98Published in: Applied Physics A


structures implanted with 50-keV boron ions is studied by deep-level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) measurements. The DLTS spectra of ion-implanted samples exhibit one peak which corresponds to a deep level located in the forbidden gap of the silicon matrix at Ec-0.40 eV below the conducting band edge. New additional shallower levels are found in the spectra following bombardment by high-energy electrons, the peak intensity being dependent on the irradiation dose. The corresponding activation energy of the created defects, the density of the traps, and the electron-capture cross sections are evaluated.