Electron cyclotron resonance charge breeder ion source simulation by MCBC and GEM.

Research paper by J S JS Kim, L L Zhao, B P BP Cluggish, I N IN Bogatu, R R Pardo

Indexed on: 05 Mar '08Published on: 05 Mar '08Published in: The Review of scientific instruments


Numerical simulation results by the GEM and MCBC codes are presented, along with a comparison with experiments for beam capture dynamics and parameter studies of charge state distribution (CSD) of electron cyclotron resonance charge breeder ion sources. First, steady state plasma profiles are presented by GEM with respect to key experimental parameters such as rf power and gas pressure. As rf power increases, electron density increases by a small amount and electron energy by a large amount. The central electrostatic potential dip also increased. Next, MCBC is used to trace injected beam ions to obtain beam capture profiles. Using the captured ion profiles, GEM obtains a CSD of beam ions. As backscattering can be significant, capturing the ions near the center of the device enhances the CSD. The effect of rf power on the beam CSD is mainly due to different steady states plasmas. Example cases are presented assuming that the beam ions are small enough not to affect the plasma.