Electromagnetic radiation of a charged tachyon moving in a dispersive medium

Research paper by V. A. Gladkikh

Indexed on: 01 Jun '78Published on: 01 Jun '78Published in: Russian Physics Journal


At the present time a number of studies [1–6] have considered the possible properties of ultrarelativistic tachyon particles. In particular, [5, 6] were dedicated to analysis of the radiation of charged tachyons in a vacuum. The goal of the present study is to analyze the radiation emitted by charged tachyons in an immobile dispersive medium. We will consider the following problem: a charged particle moves with velocity v in an immobile dispersive medium and at time t=0 decays to neutral particles and a charged tachyon which moves at a velocity v0. The tachyon in turn, because of collisions with neutral particles of the medium, at time t=τ forms a charged particle (electron) also moving with velocity v.