Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves in Multi-Ions Hot Anisotropic Plasma in Auroral Acceleration Region-Particle Aspect Approach

Research paper by Soniya Patel, P. Varma, M. S. Tiwari

Indexed on: 13 Sep '12Published on: 13 Sep '12Published in: Earth, Moon, and Planets


Using particle aspect approach, the effect of multi-ions densities on the dispersion relation, growth rate, perpendicular resonant energy and growth length of electromagnetic ion cyclotron wave with general loss-cone distribution function in hot anisotropic multi-ion plasma is presented for auroral acceleration region. It is observed that higher He+ and O+ ions densities enhance the wave frequency closer to the H+ ion cyclotron frequency and growth rate of the wave. The differential heating of He+ ions perpendicular to the magnetic field is enhanced at higher densities of He+ ions. The waves require longer distances to achieve observable amplitude by wave-particle interactions mechanism as predicted by growth length. It is also found that electron thermal anisotropy of the background plasma enhances the growth rate and reduces the growth length of multi-ions plasma. These results are determined for auroral acceleration region.