Electroelastic hyperfine tuning of phosphorus donors in silicon.

Research paper by L L Dreher, T A TA Hilker, A A Brandlmaier, S T B ST Goennenwein, H H Huebl, M M Stutzmann, M S MS Brandt

Indexed on: 17 Mar '11Published on: 17 Mar '11Published in: Physical review letters


We demonstrate an electroelastic control of the hyperfine interaction between nuclear and electronic spins opening an alternative way to address and couple spin-based qubits. The hyperfine interaction is measured by electrically detected magnetic resonance in phosphorus-doped silicon epitaxial layers employing a hybrid structure consisting of a silicon-germanium virtual substrate and a piezoelectric actuator. By applying a voltage to the actuator, the hyperfine interaction is changed by up to 0.9 MHz, which would be enough to shift the phosphorus donor electron spin out of resonance by more than one linewidth in isotopically purified 28Si.