Electrochemical synthesis, structure, magnetic and tribochemical properties of metallochelates of new azomethine ligands, bis-[2-(N-tosylaminobenzylidenealkyl(aryl)]disulfides

Research paper by A. S. Burlov, S. A. Mashchenko, O. A. Ivashchenko, D. A. Garnovskii, A. I. Uraev, M. S. Korobov, I. G. Borodkina, G. G. Chigarenko, A. G. Ponomarenko, A. D. Garnovskii

Indexed on: 02 May '09Published on: 02 May '09Published in: Russian Journal of General Chemistry


On the basis of new ligand systems, bis-azomethines of N-tosylaminobenzaldehyde and alkyl(aryl) diaminodisulfides, mono- and binuclear chelates with 4N- and 2N2S-ligand arrangement were chemically (from metal acetates) or electrochemically (from metals in the zero oxidation state) first synthesized and characterized. Mononuclear chelates have a tetrahedral structure. In binuclear copper complexes the magnetic exchange interaction of the antiferromagnetic type was observed. Bisazomethines of disulfides were used as additives to lubricant oils.