Electrochemical nanoprobes for single-cell analysis.

Research paper by Paolo P Actis, Sergiy S Tokar, Jan J Clausmeyer, Babak B Babakinejad, Sofya S Mikhaleva, Renaud R Cornut, Yasufumi Y Takahashi, Ainara A López Córdoba, Pavel P Novak, Andrew I AI Shevchuck, Jennifer A JA Dougan, Sergei G SG Kazarian, Petr V PV Gorelkin, Alexander S AS Erofeev, Igor V IV Yaminsky, et al.

Indexed on: 01 Jan '14Published on: 01 Jan '14Published in: ACS Nano


The measurement of key molecules in individual cells with minimal disruption to the biological milieu is the next frontier in single-cell analyses. Nanoscale devices are ideal analytical tools because of their small size and their potential for high spatial and temporal resolution recordings. Here, we report the fabrication of disk-shaped carbon nanoelectrodes whose radius can be precisely tuned within the range 5-200 nm. The functionalization of the nanoelectrode with platinum allowed the monitoring of oxygen consumption outside and inside a brain slice. Furthermore, we show that nanoelectrodes of this type can be used to impale individual cells to perform electrochemical measurements within the cell with minimal disruption to cell function. These nanoelectrodes can be fabricated combined with scanning ion conductance microscopy probes, which should allow high resolution electrochemical mapping of species on or in living cells.