Electrocatalytic performance evaluation of cobalt hydroxide and cobalt oxide thin films for oxygen evolution reaction

Research paper by P.T.Babara, A.C.Lokhandea, B.S.Pawarb, M.G.Ganga, EunjinJoa, ChangsikGoa, M.P.Suryawanshia, S.M.Pawarb, Jin HyeokKima

Indexed on: 27 Oct '17Published on: 01 Jan '18Published in: Applied Surface Science


•Simple and highly efficient method for deposition of Cobalt based electrode.•Efficient OER performance of Co(OH)2.•Co(OH)2 exhibits low overpotential (290 mV) over Co3O4 (340 mV) at current density of 10 mA cm−2.•Superior performance of Co(OH)2 mainly due to large surface and active sites compare to Co3O4.