Electro-Ionic Control of Surface Plasmons in Graphene-Layered Heterostructures.

Research paper by Jian Yi JY Pae, Rohit R Medwal, Radhika V RV Nair, Avinash A Chaurasiya, Marco M Battiato, Rajdeep Singh RS Rawat, Murukeshan Vadakke MV Matham

Indexed on: 21 Oct '20Published on: 21 Oct '20Published in: Nano Letters


Precise control of light is indispensable to modern optical communication devices especially as the size of such devices approaches the subwavelength scale. Plasmonic devices are suitable for the development of these optical devices due to the extreme field confinement and its ability to be controlled by tuning the carrier density at the metal/dielectric interface. Here, an electro-ionic controlled plasmonic device consisting of Au/graphene/ion-gel is demonstrated as an optical switch, where an external electric field modulates the real part of the electrical conductivity. The graphene layer enhances charge penetration and charge separation at the Au/graphene interface resulting in an increased photoinduced voltage. The ion-gel immobilized on the Au/graphene further enables the electrical tunability of plasmons which modulates the intensity of the reflected laser light. This work paves the way for developing novel plasmonic electro-optic switches for potential applications such as integrated optical devices.