Electrically controlling single-spin qubits in a continuous microwave field.

Research paper by Arne A Laucht, Juha T JT Muhonen, Fahd A FA Mohiyaddin, Rachpon R Kalra, Juan P JP Dehollain, Solomon S Freer, Fay E FE Hudson, Menno M Veldhorst, Rajib R Rahman, Gerhard G Klimeck, Kohei M KM Itoh, David N DN Jamieson, Jeffrey C JC McCallum, Andrew S AS Dzurak, Andrea A Morello

Indexed on: 26 Nov '15Published on: 26 Nov '15Published in: Science advances


Large-scale quantum computers must be built upon quantum bits that are both highly coherent and locally controllable. We demonstrate the quantum control of the electron and the nuclear spin of a single (31)P atom in silicon, using a continuous microwave magnetic field together with nanoscale electrostatic gates. The qubits are tuned into resonance with the microwave field by a local change in electric field, which induces a Stark shift of the qubit energies. This method, known as A-gate control, preserves the excellent coherence times and gate fidelities of isolated spins, and can be extended to arbitrarily many qubits without requiring multiple microwave sources.