Electrical properties of new organic composites obtained by mechanochemical synthesis

Research paper by I. Smirani, R. Lipiec, A. Brau, J.-P. Farges, A. Graja

Indexed on: 01 Mar '01Published on: 01 Mar '01Published in: Journal of Materials Science


We present new results on organic semiconductive and metallic composites obtained by direct solid-solid charge-transfer (CT) reaction. By this method, samples of arbitrarily large size are readily achievable. In the present study, we consider composites formed from the reaction between the following pairs of donors and acceptors: TTF and iodine, BEDT-TTF and TCNQ, BEDT-TTF and TCNE, BEDT-TTF and AuI as well as BEDT-TTF and AuI3. Most of the composites show semiconducting properties only. Two of them, however, (BEDT-TTF)/(AuI) and (BEDT-TTF)2/(AuI3), exhibit a metallic behavior.