Electrical Double Layers: Effects of Asymmetry in Electrolyte Valence on Steric Effects, Dielectric Decrement and Ion-Ion Correlations.

Research paper by Ankur A Gupta, Howard A HA Stone

Indexed on: 29 Aug '18Published on: 29 Aug '18Published in: Langmuir


We study the effects of asymmetry in electrolyte valence (i.e. non z:z electrolytes) on mean field theory of the electrical double layer. Specifically, we study the effect of valence asymmetry on finite ion-size effects, the dielectric decrement and ion-ion correlations. For a model configuration of an electrolyte near a charged surface in equilibrium, we present comprehensive analytical and numerical results for the potential distribution, electrode charge density, capacitance, and dimensionless salt uptake. We emphasize that the asymmetry in electrolyte valence significantly influences the diffuse-charge relations and prior results reported in literature are readily extended to non z:z electrolytes. We develop scaling relations and invoke physical arguments to examine the importance of asymmetry in electrolyte valence on the aforementioned effects. We conclude by providing implications of our findings on diffuse-charge dynamics and other electrokinetic phenomena.