Electrical conduction in the solid solution La1 −xNaxCo1 −xNbxO3 (0·01 ⩽x ⩽ 0·99)

Research paper by O M Parkash, Devendra Kumar, Rabindra Kumar

Indexed on: 01 May '88Published on: 01 May '88Published in: Bulletin of Materials Science


Seebeck coefficient and DC resistivity of the solid solution La1 −x NaxCo1 −xNbxO3 (0·01 ⩽x ⩽ 0·99) have been measured in the temperature range 300–900 K. Seebeck coefficient is positive for all compositions over the temperature range of measurements. Conduction is due to 3d electrons of cobalt ions in the compositions withx ⩽ 0·60. Conduction occurs among localized sites for compositions withx ⩾ 0·70.