Electrical characterization of ECR enhaced deposited silicon nitride bilayers for high quality Al/SiNx/InP MIS structure fabrication

Research paper by S. Duen~as, R. Pela´ez, E. Casta´n, R. Pinacho, L. Quintanilla, J. Barbolla, I. Ma´rtil, E. Redondo, G. Gonza´lez-Di´az

Indexed on: 01 Jul '99Published on: 01 Jul '99Published in: Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics


The interfacial state density existing in metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) structures was measured by deep level transient spectroscopy technique. The MIS structures were fabricated on InP substrates by direct deposition of silicon nitride SiNxH) thin films by the electron cyclotron resonance method. In this work, we show that interfacial state density can be diminished without degrading electrical insulator properties by fabricating MIS structures based on a bi-layered insulator with different insulator compositions and different thickness. The effect of rapid thermal annealing treatment has been analysed in detail in these samples. An interface state density as low as 3 × 1011cm−2eV−1 was measured in some structures.