Elastic Plate Deformation with Transverse Variation of Microrotation

Research paper by Lev Steinberg

Indexed on: 18 Feb '09Published on: 18 Feb '09Published in: Mathematical Physics


The purpose of this paper is to present a new mathematical model for the deformation of thin Cosserat elastic plates. Our approach, which is based on a generalization of the classical Reissner plate theory, takes into account the transverse variation of microrotation of the plates. The model assumes polynomial approximations over the plate thickness of asymmetric stress, couple stress, displacement, and microrotation, which are consistent with the elastic equilibrium, boundary conditions and the constitutive relationships. Based on the generalized Hellinger-Prange -Reissner variational principle and strain-displacement relation we obtain the complete theory of Cosserat plate. We also proved the solution uniqueness for the plate boundary value problem.