Efficient transfer and concentration of energy between explosive dual bubbles via time-delayed interactions

Research paper by C. M. Chang, I. D. Yang, Y. L. Lin, C. C. Chieng, F. G. Tseng

Indexed on: 19 Dec '09Published on: 19 Dec '09Published in: Microfluidics and Nanofluidics


The dynamics of a high heat flux thermal bubble is constrained by the thermal energy carried on the bubble surface right after the bubble formation because of thermal isolation of vapor. This article proposes a way by assigning time delays between dual bubbles to transfer effectively energy from one bubble into the other, thus, breaks energy limitation that one single bubble can usually carry. Experiment result has demonstrated that the useful work as large as 40% can be transferred from one bubble into the other for the ignition time delay set between 2 and 3 μs in a dual bubble system. At the same time, the total extractable useful work in a dual bubble system is 20% higher than twice that of a single-bubble system with the same input heat energy. This phenomenon opens up a new way to transfer or concentrate energies from distributed energy sources with limit energy density into a much higher one for higher power application.