Efficient source for the production of ultradense deuterium D(-1) for laser-induced fusion (ICF).

Research paper by Patrik U PU Andersson, Benny B Lönn, Leif L Holmlid

Indexed on: 02 Feb '11Published on: 02 Feb '11Published in: The Review of scientific instruments


A novel source which simplifies the study of ultradense deuterium D(-1) is now described. This means one step further toward deuterium fusion energy production. The source uses internal gas feed and D(-1) can now be studied without time-of-flight spectral overlap from the related dense phase D(1). The main aim here is to understand the material production parameters, and thus a relatively weak laser with focused intensity ≤10(12) W cm(-2) is employed for analyzing the D(-1) material. The properties of the D(-1) material at the source are studied as a function of laser focus position outside the emitter, deuterium gas feed, laser pulse repetition frequency and laser power, and temperature of the source. These parameters influence the D(-1) cluster size, the ionization mode, and the laser fragmentation patterns.