Efficient quantum transmission in multiple-source networks.

Research paper by Ming-Xing MX Luo, Gang G Xu, Xiu-Bo XB Chen, Yi-Xian YX Yang, Xiaojun X Wang

Indexed on: 03 Apr '14Published on: 03 Apr '14Published in: Scientific Reports


A difficult problem in quantum network communications is how to efficiently transmit quantum information over large-scale networks with common channels. We propose a solution by developing a quantum encoding approach. Different quantum states are encoded into a coherent superposition state using quantum linear optics. The transmission congestion in the common channel may be avoided by transmitting the superposition state. For further decoding and continued transmission, special phase transformations are applied to incoming quantum states using phase shifters such that decoders can distinguish outgoing quantum states. These phase shifters may be precisely controlled using classical chaos synchronization via additional classical channels. Based on this design and the reduction of multiple-source network under the assumption of restricted maximum-flow, the optimal scheme is proposed for specially quantized multiple-source network. In comparison with previous schemes, our scheme can greatly increase the transmission efficiency.