Efficient Computation of Hyperspherical Bessel Functions

Research paper by Arthur Kosowsky

Indexed on: 13 May '98Published on: 13 May '98Published in: Astrophysics


Fast and accurate computations of the power spectrum of cosmic microwave background fluctuations are essential for comparing current and upcoming data sets with the large parameter space of viable cosmological models. The most efficient numerical algorithm for power spectrum calculation, recently implemented by Seljak and Zaldarriaga, involves integrating sources against spherical Bessel functions or, in the case of a non-flat universe, analogous hyperspherical Bessel functions. Evaluation of these special functions usually dominates the computation time in non-flat spatial geometries. This paper presents a highly accurate and very fast WKB approximation for computing hyperspherical Bessel functions which will greatly increase the speed of microwave background power spectrum computations in open and closed universes.