Effects of Organoantimony(III) Compounds of Sterically Hindered Bifunctional Tetradentate Ligands on the Reproductive System of Male Rats.

Research paper by R K RK Sharma, M P MP Dobhal, Y P YP Singh, A K AK Rai, R R Sharma, R R Chaudhary, R R Yadav, R S RS Gupta

Indexed on: 14 May '08Published on: 14 May '08Published in: Metal-based drugs


The antifertility activity of organoantimony(III) complexes PhSb[RC(NC(6)H(4)S)CH(2)(NC(6)H(4)S)CR'] {R' = CH(3) (R(1)) and R = R' = CF(3) (R(2))} derived from corresponding sterically hinlered bifuinctional tetradentate ligands in the male rats was determined. The administration of compounds R(1) and R(2) at the dose level of 20 mg/kg. b. wt. siignificantly reduced the weights of testes and epididymides. Auxiliary glands showed a significant reduction after the treatment of compound R(1) only. Treated animals showed a notable depression of spermatogenesis. The preleptotene spermatocytes were decreased by 76.19 and 47.06; the secondary spermatocytes by 87.4% and 54.87337; and the step-19 spermatids by 72.9 and 46.77% respectively, following the compound R(1) and R(2) treatment. Reduced sperm count and motility resulted in 100% negative fertility in both the treated groups. A significant fall in the content of various biochemical parameters of eproductive tissues was observed after R(1) and R(2) treatment in comparison to controls.