Effects of learning for linear and differential video magnifiers.

Research paper by Fion C H FC Lee, Alan H S AH Chan

Indexed on: 27 Nov '09Published on: 27 Nov '09Published in: Ergonomics


This study sought to determine the learning effects of repeated practice with the traditional linear and the novel differential linear and differential non-linear magnification methods on visual inspection performance. Performance feedback of speed and accuracy and process feedback of scan paths and coverage of search area were given to subjects in order to facilitate the learning process. Objective performance in terms of speed and accuracy and subjective evaluation using the NASA Task Load Index paradigm were captured and analysed. The results showed that there were positive learning effects for the three magnification methods and the learning effects for the two differential magnification methods were greater than that for the traditional linear method. Three exponential learning curves were established for the three search tasks, which showed that search performance with the differential linear and differential non-linear magnifications would surpass the traditional linear method after four and 10 sessions of repeated practice, respectively.