Effects of lead on annealing properties of cold-drawn copper wire

Research paper by S. Aoyama, M. Onuki, Y. Miyake, R. Urao

Indexed on: 01 Jul '91Published on: 01 Jul '91Published in: Journal of Materials Science


Cold-drawn copper wires were made by cold-drawing after hot-rolling tough pitch copper rods which had been pre-heated at 673–973 K. The wires were annealed at 293–673 K to study their annealing properties. The effects of pre-heating the hot-rolled tough pitch copper rods, including lead, on the recrystallization behaviour of the cold-drawn copper wires were investigated by tensile tests, electrical resistivity measurements and structural observations. The half-softening temperature of annealed cold-drawn copper wires decreased when the hot-rolled copper rods were pre-heated at 873 K before cold-drawing. This behaviour was attributed to separation of lead dissolved in the copper matrix which is known to lower the half-softening temperature.