Effects of impurity and cross-sectional shape on entropy of quantum wires

Research paper by R. Khordad, H. R. Rastegar Sedehi, H. Bahramiyan

Indexed on: 04 Feb '18Published on: 03 Feb '18Published in: Journal of Computational Electronics


In the present work, we have studied the effects of the impurity and cross-sectional shape on entropy of different quantum wires. For this goal, we have considered \(\hbox {GaAs/Ga}_{0.5}\hbox {In}_{0.5}\)As quantum wires with different cross-sectional shape like circular, hexagonal, square and triangular. To this end, we have computed the energy levels using the finite element method and the Arnoldi algorithm. Using the energy levels, the entropy of quantum wires has been determined by Tsallis formalism. Our results show that the highest and lowest entropy corresponds to circular and triangular quantum wires, respectively. The entropy in the presence of impurity is decreased due to the reduction disorder.