Effects of calcium channel blockers on human erythrocyte ghost membranes

Research paper by Aeh-Jin Park, Young-Hee Shin, Chi-Ho Lee

Indexed on: 01 Dec '95Published on: 01 Dec '95Published in: Archives of Pharmacal Research


The effects of calcium channel blockers (CAB’s), verapamil, diltiazem and nicardipine, on erythrocyte ghost membranes have been studied. Using the fluorospectroscopic method, it was observed that the fluidity of the inner layer of ghost membranes was increased with an increase of drug concentrations but did not any changes in the fluidity of the outer layer. These drugs showed protective effect against hypotonic hemolysis of erythrocytes. Thus, the expansion of surface area in response to corpuscular volume of erythrocytes in the presence of CAB’s is seemed to play an important role in protecting hypotonic hemolysis of erythrocytes.