Effects of anisotropy on optimal dense coding

Research paper by Guo-Feng Zhang

Indexed on: 12 Nov '08Published on: 12 Nov '08Published in: Quantum Physics


We study optimal dense coding with thermal entangled states of a two-qubit anisotropic \emph{XXZ} model and a Heisenberg model with Dzyaloshinski-Moriya (DM) interactions. The DM interaction is another kind of anisotropic antisymmetric exchange interaction. The effects of these two kinds of anisotropies on dense coding are studied in detail for both the antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic cases. For the two models, we give the conditions that the parameters of the models have to satisfy for a valid dense coding. We also found that even though there is entanglement, it is unavailable for our optimal dense coding, which is the same as entanglement teleportation.