Effects of allelochemicals on plant respiration and oxygen isotope fractionation by the alternative oxidase.

Research paper by J J Peñuelas, M M Ribas-Carbo, L L Giles

Indexed on: 01 Apr '96Published on: 01 Apr '96Published in: Journal of Chemical Ecology


The goal of this investigation was to determine the effects of allelochemicals on plant respiration that thereby may be responsible for their role in growth inhibition. We have tested the effects of juglone, quercetin, cinnamic acid, andα-pinene on respiration rates, and electron partitioning through the cytochrome and alternative respiratory pathways, by measuring on-line oxygen consumption and oxygen isotope fractionation in soybean cotyledon tissue. Cinnamic acid andα-pinene decreased the oxygen consumption rate and increased the relative partitioning of electron transport to the alternative pathway. Possible biochemical mechanisms of these effects are discussed.