Effective action of 6D F-theory with U(1) factors: rational sections make Chern-Simons terms jump

Research paper by Thomas W. Grimm, Andreas Kapfer, Jan Keitel

Indexed on: 18 Jul '13Published on: 18 Jul '13Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics


We derive the six-dimensional (1, 0) effective action arising from F-theory on an elliptically fibered Calabi-Yau threefold with multiple sections. The considered theories admit both non-Abelian and Abelian gauge symmetries. Our derivation employs the M-theory to F-theory duality in five-dimensions after circle reduction. Five-dimensional gauge and gravitational Chern-Simons terms are shown to arise at one-loop by integrating out massive Coulomb branch and Kaluza-Klein modes. In the presence of a non-holomorphic zero section, we find an improved systematic for performing the F-theory limit by using the concept of the extended relative Mori cone. In this situation Kaluza-Klein modes can become lighter than Coulomb branch modes and a jump in the Chern-Simons levels occurs. By determining Chern-Simons terms for various threefold examples we are able to compute the complete six-dimensional charged matter spectrum and show consistency with six-dimensional anomalies.