Effect of visual and tactual stimulation on learning abstract forms: A replication

Research paper by James K. Walsh

Indexed on: 07 Nov '13Published on: 07 Nov '13Published in: Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society


Visual (V), tactual (T), and combined visual and tactual (VT) training and testing of abstract shapes were explored in three experiments using Ss from undergraduate psychology courses. In a-recognition test, V and VT training were shown to be superior to T training. Visual and VT testing had a significant effect over T testing. A recall experiment showed that V training and VT training were both superior to T training. The third experiment showed that Ss presented the V stimuli before the T stimuli recalled significantly more than those Ss presented the reverse order. The results of the experiments were interpreted as indicating the superiority of visual information processing over tactual information processing. Concurrent V and T stimulation resulted in performance similar to that of exclusive V stimulation.