Effect of Varicocelectomy on the Frequency of Nocturnal Sperm Emissions.

Research paper by Cengiz C Kara, Ozgu O Aydogdu, Ural U Oguz, Mehmet Giray MG Sönmez

Indexed on: 09 Sep '15Published on: 09 Sep '15Published in: American journal of men's health


The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency of nocturnal sperm emissions (NSE) in varicocele patients after varicocele surgery. A total of 127 patients, 96 varicocele (Group 1) and 31 patients with inguinal hernia (Group 2) were included in this study. Mean age, laterality of surgical procedures, spermiogram results, marital status, and postoperative serum hormone levels were noted for all patients. Two groups were compared in terms of Beck depression score (BDS) and anxiety scores (AS). The frequency of NSE and libido changes in the patients during 10 days postoperatively was evaluated. The number of the patients who had NSE and increased libido were significantly higher in the varicocelectomy group when compared with the control group. No significant difference was noted between the groups in terms of BDS, AS, and serum hormone levels. No association was reported between BDS, AS, and serum hormone levels and the presence of NSE in Group 1. The incidence of NSE was higher in younger men. Increased libido was significantly associated with NSE in Group 1. Cord dissection during surgery may be a factor on increased frequency of NSEs in varicocele patients.