Effect of quartz substrate on adsorption and texture properties of titanium-containing silica membranes

Research paper by A. I. Ivanets, T. F. Kuznetsova, V. G. Prozorovich, S. I. Eremenko

Indexed on: 24 Jul '13Published on: 24 Jul '13Published in: Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry


Sol-gel method with joint hydrolysis of silicon and titanium alkoxides were used to synthesize titanium-containing silica membranes on a macroporous quartz substrate. Isotherms of low-temperature adsorption-desorption of nitrogen by the samples obtained were measured. Characteristic features inherent in mesoporous samples were found in the isotherms. A change in the adsorption properties of the membranes was observed upon a preliminary treatment of the substrate with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and concentrated sulfuric acid.