Effect of nose shape on semi-armor-piercing warhead penetration performance

Research paper by Quan Shi, Fei Xiong, Feng Liu, Cai Chen

Indexed on: 30 Jul '15Published on: 30 Jul '15Published in: Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Science)


The numerical simulations of different head shape semi-armor-piercing warheads penetrating thin steel target are done using the finite element software ANSYS/LS-DYNA, and the whole process of different nose shape semi-armor-piercing warheads vertically penetrating the thin steel plate is compared. Besides, the influence of impact angle on penetration performance of three different nose shape projectiles is researched. The analysis results indicate that the nose shape has a significant influence on semi-armor-piercing warhead penetration performance. The effect of impact angle on the three kinds of projectiles’ residual kinetic energy and deflection is different. The research results provide references for designing of warhead and battlefield damage assessment.