Effect of modified starch from sweet potato as a fat replacer on the quality of reduced fat ice creams

Research paper by Ayenampudi Surendra Babu, Ramanathan Parimalavalli, Rangarajan Jagan Mohan

Indexed on: 20 Jun '18Published on: 19 Jun '18Published in: Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization


In the present study, application of different levels (0, 1 and 2%) of citric acid treated sweet potato starch as a fat replacer (FR) in a high (11% fat), medium (6% fat) and low-fat (1%) ice creams were investigated. Results indicated that hardness value tends to improve with the addition of 1% FR in all reduced fat ice creams. During 60 days of storage, a decreasing trend was noticed in overrun, acidity and hardness values of ice cream samples. Overall score of sensory conveyed that the reduced fat ice creams with 1% FR (medium fat ice cream and low fat ice cream) were found to be very acceptable by sensory panels with a similar physicochemical characteristics and acceptance as high-fat ice cream (control) at the end of storage period. Citric acid treated sweet potato starch proved to be a promising alternative as a fat replacer in the ice cream production.